Myolie Wu reveals gender of second child

The actress is expected to give birth to her second child in a month's time


As Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu nears the end of her second pregnancy, the actress took the time to share a quick update, as well as the gender of her unborn baby.

In January, the 39-year-old revealed that she was pregnant with her second child. In late May, the actress’s celebrity friends organised a baby shower for the expectant mother.

The actress has also continued to work throughout her pregnancy, often appearing at promotional events. However, as she approaches the final leg of her pregnancy , Myolie shared that she will be taking a break from work and rest before giving birth.


Although she has never shared the gender of her unborn child, a number of netizens previously suspected that the actress might be pregnant with a baby boy. According to them, Myolie appeared to have a larger nose in the selfies she had taken after becoming pregnant, which was a “sign that she’s expecting another baby boy”.

As it turns out, these netizens were right, with Myolie confirming that she is expecting a baby boy in her latest Instagram update. Posting a picture of Brendan laying his head on her baby bump, Myolie wrote, “ Brendan, you’ll become an older brother very soon, you must get along well with your younger brother!”

Myolie’s husband, Philip, also posted up a picture of a baby blue background, along with an emoji of a boy, with the caption, “coming soon”, along with the hashtags “#littlelee #littlebrother”, confirming that the couple will be welcoming another baby boy soon.

Myolie tied the knot with her businessman husband, Philip in 2015, and welcomed their first child, a boy named Brendan in 2017.

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