‘My Fair Princess’ to get a remake in 2019

An animation series and RPG game are also in the works, confirms ‘My Fair Princess’ author Chiung Yao

my fair princess 2
The original cast of My Fair Princess (1998)

Chinese palace drama series are all the rage now, and famous Chinese author and producer Chiung Yao is hoping to ride on the wave of Story of Yanxi Palace and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace by releasing another remake of My Fair Princess, after it was first made 20 years ago.

The 1998 series spawned two sequels, My Fair Princess II and My Fair Princess III, and was most recently remade into a 98-episode series in 2011. The first edition featured the likes of Ruby Lin, Vicki Zhao and Alec Su, and is still replayed in China on a yearly basis.

News of another remake in 2019 was released at a recent press conference held by Tencent Pictures.

Chiung Yao made a special guest appearance via a VCR recording and confirmed that she will be putting together a new version of My Fair Princess to include story elements “favoured by the younger generation”.

On top of that, the Chinese author and producer of the show added that they will be releasing an animation series and an RPG (role-playing game) together with the show; filming for the drama series is scheduled to take place in 2019.

my fair princess 1
The cast of the 2011 remake of My Fair Princess

News of another My Fair Princess remake was met with polarised views on social media in China. While some fans are excited about a brand new script, other are less enthusiastic about the new series after seeing how the 2011 remake tanked.

“Can we stop riding on the success of these classics?” said one such netizen, while another implored for the author to stop “trampling” on her childhood memories of the original series.

Their objections will most likely fall on deaf ears judging by the slew of drama remakes in the pipeline in China, from the much-talked about (and not in a good way) Meteor Garden to upcoming titles like It Started With a Kiss and The Prince Who Turns into a Frog.

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