Moses Chan held a talk session in Hong Kong yesterday (Oct 16), where he shared more about his experiences as an entrepreneur. The actor launched his own brand of coffee a few years ago and recently opened a cafe.

According to Moses, business has been good so far, and they are attracting a lot more customers than expected. “Sometimes it gets a little overcrowded, but that’s a happy problem!” he grinned. Encouraged by the outcome, the 48-year-old has plans to turn his brand into a chain, but will take things one step at a time.

Despite his success, Moses was candid about facing setbacks and frustrations quite often as well. “In business, not every idea and concept will work out, there will be trial and error,” he said. “But I never once thought of giving up, whether it comes to my coffee business or acting!”

Moses’s personal life soon became a topic of interest when a reporter remarked that his daughter Camilla is “vain”, referring to a photo that Moses’s wife, actress Aimee Chan, had shared of the three-year-old posing expertly with one of her mum’s designer bags.

Laughing, he said there’s nothing they can do about it because it’s just a part of the little girl’s personality. “Whenever my wife and I dress up a little more stylishly than usual, she will look at us in awe and go, ‘Wow.’ She has also started to choose her own outfits.”

Now that filming for his latest TV series has wrapped up, Moses has been able to dedicate more time to his “many babies” (his business, his wife, and their three children). He shared that he usually teaches his children how to read and write, and often brings them out to exercise. When asked if he plans to teach them how to make coffee, he said, “Wait until they’re older - I don’t want them to break my equipment!”

The doting husband also revealed that he is in the midst of planning his annual “honeymoon” trip with Aimee, but wishes to keep the location a secret.

Photos: TPG, Instagram/Aimee Chan