Celebrity couple Moses Chan and Aimee Chan attended a skincare brand's event in Hong Kong together on March 21.

The husband-and-wife pair were very openly affectionate with each other on stage. Moses praised Aimee's angelic heart and appearance, as well as her wisdom, causing the actress to blush in response.

When asked if Moses is always such a sweet-talker, Aimee laughed and said, "Yes, but it's a good thing! I say sweet things to him at home as well, rarely in public, but I say 'I love you' to my husband and children every day, and give them a kiss before I leave the house."

Moses then confirmed that his coffee shop will open for business soon, and that his wife will be in charge of the management and decorations.

As for what the couple's plans are for Aimee's upcoming birthday, she said, "A lot of our family members' birthdays are in April so it's a very busy month - I often forget that my own birthday is coming up as well!"

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