More details of Cecilia Cheung’s Singaporean beau revealed

The singer-actress reportedly gave birth to her third child on November 25

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Fans of Cecilia Cheung were in for a surprise yesterday (November 29), after Hong Kong media reported that the singer-actress had secretly given birth to her third child on November 25. These speculations were further fueled by Cecilia’s mother, who was spotted at a women’s hospital.

At the time, Cecilia’s mother would only say that she was there to “visit the sick” before hurrying away without further comment. Her ex-husband, Nicholas Tse, has been asked for his comments on the matter, to which he would only say, “Please congratulate her on my behalf”. He maintained that he does not know anything about the reports on her giving birth, nor on her alleged partner.

Initial reports stated that Cecilia’s said partner is a 65-year-old "wealthy" Singaporean businessman who hails from the F&B industry. New updates have shared that while the magnate is 27 years older than Cecilia, he is “very good” at taking care of her.

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Netizens dug out previous footage of Cecilia’s mother talking about the businessman on a programme, during which she called him Cecilia’s new partner. However, she later changed her words, calling him a suitor instead.

Cecilia’s frequent to trips to Singapore this year have been attributed to be to meet this mystery man more often. Fans also noted that her previous decision to relocate to Singapore for her sons, Lucas and Quintus, to be educated here, coincides with the reports that Cecilia is dating a Singaporean man.

Media reports further claimed that Cecilia once ran into Nicholas while she was on a date with her partner, and ended up leaving the location to avoid an awkward situation between the three of them.

The last time that Cecilia made a public appearance was on May 29, which means that the 38-year-old has been shying out of the spotlight for over six months. Netizens noted that during her last few appearances, her stomach area had looked a bit rounder than usual, and that she had shied away from wearing heels, which has further convinced them that news of the pregnancy and birth are true.

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