Miriam Yeung would leave her husband if he cheated on her

“I’d just start all over again and explain the situation to my son.”

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Hong Kong singer-actress Miriam Yeung will be returning to the small screen for the first time since 2001 in upcoming TVB rom-com drama Wonder Women.

In Wonder Women, which also stars Raymond Wong and Pakho Chau, Miriam plays a housewife whose life turns upside down after she finds out that her architect husband (played by Raymond) is cheating on her with his secretary (played by Toby Chan).

During an interview with the Hong Kong media on December 17, Miriam spoke more about her role, and how her character has caused her to reflect on herself and her marriage.

“I felt like I’ve grown after filming this drama,” the 45-year-old said. “I’ve thought about it after filming ended, and I realised that I’ve been too emotional or too rash in the past (…) I’m very independent and there were times when I didn’t look at things from my husband’s perspective. There were also times when my husband wanted me to rely a bit more on him, so being overly independent might not necessarily be a good thing.”

“The act of relying on him alone is enough to make him happy.”

She was also asked about her thoughts on what she would do if her husband ever cheated on her. Miriam responded, “I would pack my things and leave. I’d just start all over again and explain the situation to my son.” The actress explained that unlike her character in the drama, she would not be able to deal with infidelity in a rational manner.

Miriam tied the knot with Real Ting in 2009, and have a son, Torres, 7, together.

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