Miriam Yeung recently shot an advertisement in which she was made up to look like an old woman.

"I've worn makeup to appear much older for roles many times before, but this time, it was particularly touching because the makeup artist purposely left a bit of my purple hair intact," she shared at a press conference to promote the ad in Hong Kong on March 13. "I would be happy to look like this at the age of 80."

The singer-actress then shared that her husband Real Ting also wore makeup to appear much older to surprise her, but he ended up crying. "He said that he felt like we didn't have much time left together, and didn't want me to leave him so soon," she said. "This happened a day before my birthday and left a very deep impression on me."

Miriam added that she initially did not want their son to see them with their old makeup, but Real sent him photos almost immediately. "Our son said he was very sad and did not want to see us that way. I took the opportunity to tell him that he should always respect his elders."

Last month, Edison Chen made waves when he slammed Miriam and Eason Chan in the comments on one of his Instagram posts, saying that they are no longer friends. However, Miriam claimed that she was not aware of this and that she still considers him a friend, before refusing to comment further on the matter.

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