Miriam Yeung, Pakho Chau, Cecilia Wang and more attended a skincare brand's event in Hong Kong on October 3.

Some viewers were said to have revealed the ending of Pakho and Miriam's drama Wonder Women. However, Pakho clarified at the event that there were no spoilers, and thanked the person for inadvertently promoting their show.

Miriam's private Instagram account was recently hacked and stolen by an unknown person. She said, "That was really scary. I received a text message from my friend one morning asking why my profile picture had a man's face. I contacted the relevant departments but they couldn't do anything to get it back."

Thankfully, she added that none of her personal information was stolen. "Anyway, all the information about me on the internet is more than I know about myself!" she joked.

When asked about China taking measures to cut the exorbitant salaries of celebrities, Miriam commented, "Every country has its rules and regulations and I respect this. However, when taking on a job, it's more important to consider your potential growth instead of how much you will be paid."

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