Mickey Huang attended a press conference for the upcoming Formosa Railroad Bento Festival in Taipei yesterday (Oct 29), where he shared more about his upcoming wedding to actress Summer Meng in April next year.

According to the 47-year-old host, a 60-table banquet will take place at the Le Méridien Taipei. When asked if his ex-girlfriend, actress-host Dee Hsu, will be one of the 720 guests, Mickey admitted that he probably won’t invite her.

“I didn’t go to her wedding either, and I wouldn’t dare to accept her red packet,” he explained, adding that he should take his fiancée’s and Dee’s husband’s feelings into consideration as well. “We should avoid creating awkward situations in public - I wouldn’t want to see Summer’s ex-boyfriends either!” However, he shared that he would be happy to have a private conversation with Dee about raising children when he has a little one of his own.

Although there’s still six months to go before the wedding, Mickey is already prepared to shed tears during two segments: first, when Summer’s father gives her away to him, and second, when he sees the wedding video they took together with his beloved pet dog Genki, who passed away earlier this year. “I believe I will cry really badly when I see that clip!” he exclaimed.

Photos: TPG, PBE Media