(Taipei September 4 2018) Mickey Huang was revealed to be a Best Variety Host nominee at the upcoming Golden Bell Awards, and his fiancée Summer Meng was also confirmed to be a nominee for the Best Actress award.

Mickey, who will be hosting the awards with Patty Hou this year, has the option to walk the red carpet, but has decided against it. He shared, "There's a superstition that there's a curse when you walk the red carpet, and even though it's just a superstition, I don't want to try my luck."

The host continued, "The other reason that I have is that I hope Summer can enjoy the awards as an actress, and not as Mickey Huang's girlfriend. If she wins the award, it will be a good affirmation for her, especially since she started acting 11 years ago."

Mickey was also asked about Patty Hou, who will be making a comeback with this awards show. "She's won many awards in the past, but decided to stop working for many years after she started a family. She sacrificed a lot for her family, and I'm really happy to welcome her back."

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