Mickey Huang, Summer Meng to tie the knot in April next year

The couple intends to host a 200-table banquet to mark their nuptials


Whilst filming a variety show last week, Taiwanese host Mickey Huang let slip that he and his fiancée, Taiwanese actress Summer Meng, have decided on a date for their wedding. The couple had previously shared that they were still looking at auspicious dates for their union, and that they had yet to decide on a date.

The 47-year-old shared that they are planning for a fun wedding with a garden tour theme in April next year. In order to allow their guests to take part in the event itself, they plan to gift each guest a voucher, with which they can exchange for specially designed products on the spot.

When asked if he had signed a pre-nuptial agreement with Summer, Mickey replied, “This [question] hurts my feelings, it feels as if there’s no trust in a marriage.” He then went on to share that he believes that mutual trust is important in a marriage, which is why he will not bring this topic up with Summer.

Additionally, his many years in the entertainment industry, coupled with Summer’s large social circle, means that the couple will naturally have a large number of friends that they will be inviting to witness their nuptials. Therefore, a big concern for him is finding the perfect venue, as they will be hosting close to 200 tables of guests.

“I originally wanted to do it outdoors, but after thinking about my friends like [Taiwanese singer] Stella Chang, you can’t possibly expect them to use a portable toilet, can you?” Mickey quipped, before sharing that he has since decided to host the event indoors instead.

Photos: PBE Media

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