Taiwanese comedian-host Mickey Huang attended a press conference to promote a lantern exhibition as its chief curator in Taipei on February 11.

He shared that he spent the Lunar New Year at his fiancée Summer Meng's house and had a good time playing games until her father suddenly said very seriously, "Shall we discuss about the wedding?" However, Mickey quipped that he maintained a very nonchalant attitude towards the remark.

"I have strong opinions about curating [this exhibition], but I have none when it comes to my wedding," he said. However, he added that he will eventually find time to discuss the matter with Summer and her family.

While preparing for the exhibition, Mickey had to stand outdoors in the cold wind for long periods of time, which gave him a high fever of 41°C. Because he had no cold medicine at home, he had to undergo gua sha (scraping therapy) for the very first time, which was performed by Summer. Her therapy proved to be successful as his fever subsided.

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