Taiwanese host Mickey Huang recently confirmed that he and his fiancée, Taiwanese actress Summer Meng, will become man and wife in April next year. He had also shared plans to throw a massive wedding banquet with 200 tables.

However, it looks like he has changed his mind about the staggering guest list. While attending a promotional event for household appliances in Taipei yesterday (Jun 25), the 47-year-old revealed that he had been doing some calculations, which led him to realise that if he were to spend one minute toasting at every table, it would take him a total of three hours to finish. “After that, I decided that maybe just having 100 tables is enough,” he said.

Meanwhile, the couple has yet to decide on a wedding venue, but Mickey shared that next month, he will go to Summer’s house to meet her parents and formally request for her hand in marriage. “I’m very nervous about that, but it’s a part of life, so I must face it and see it through,” he declared. But it will probably all be worth it once he sees his wife-to-be in her wedding gown. “I’m afraid I might cry!” he laughed.

Besides preparing for marriage and their wedding, Mickey said that he and Summer will also be going for pre-marital health screenings for the sake of their future children. “We want to see if there are any hidden genetic diseases we should be worried about,” he explained. “Summer has some friends who only found out about these problems after their kids were born, so that’s something we want to try and prevent.”

Photos: TPG