Patrick Tse, Michelle Yim, Raymond Wong, Selena Li and more attended the lensing ceremony for their new TV series Forensic Heroes IV in Hong Kong on January 21.

"It's been over 10 years since Patrick and I last worked together," said Michelle. "I play his subordinate in the series and will often get bullied by him!"

Patrick said that although it's been a long time since he last acted, he still feels right at home at the TV station. "Because of this studio, I was able to support my family," he said, adding that his son Nicholas Tse grew up there.

Raymond and Selena said that they had to do a lot of research for their roles. "The script is even more complicated than Beyond the Realm of Conscience," Selena shared. Both actors then gave a demonstration by saying two of their lines. "We don't have normal conversations when we get together - we're always just busy memorising our lines!" said Raymond.

Selena then quipped about having a lot of "bed scenes" in the drama, because her character is constantly looking at bodies on the autopsy table (which is literally "anatomical bed" or "dissection bed" in Chinese). "There are all kinds of naked bodies on the table," she shared. "I really admire the actors and actresses playing the dead bodies because if it were me, I would be too embarrassed!"

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