Former TVB actress Michelle Ye regrets not going after Kenneth Ma when they were younger

“The mere thought of dating him makes me salivate!”

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Former TVB actress Michelle Ye recently appeared as a guest on a Hong Kong radio show, where she opened up about her friendship with newly crowned TVB Awards Best Actor Kenneth Ma.

The 39-year-old shared that she first worked with Kenneth on period drama Eternal Happiness, and mused that he is someone who is grounded and wise, even back then. As he was pretty well read, especially among actors, those around him would always enjoy talking about a wide variety of subjects with him.

She continued that she was very happy to see that he has made his way in his career since she left Hong Kong, and that she had called him to congratulate him on his Best Actor win.

This prompted questions on whether she is romantically involved with him, to which Michelle laughed, “I’m not single at this point of time. Also, it’s impossible that there aren’t any girls trying to woo him right now. He can pick someone with good qualities from the pool of girls who are after him, so there’s no need for me to interfere!”

She continued that she now regrets not going after him when she was younger. She joked, “The mere thought of dating him makes me salivate!”

“We’ve never really been extremely close although we’ve worked together a few times. I haven’t seen him for a long time, but he still gives me a really good impression,” she gushed.

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