Michelle Chen thanks haters for pointing out her flaws

The actress was criticised for her looks and compared to a yam bun


Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen recently took on the role of Zixia, in the theatre adaptation of popular fantasy-comedy movie A Chinese Odyssey. However, the styling of her character left much to be desired, with netizens nicknaming Michelle a ‘purple yam bun’. Previously, when Michelle played Xiao Long Nu in Return of The Condor Heroes, she was nicknamed ‘Xiao Long Bao’ as well, for her “chubby looks”.

However, Michelle took the comments of netizens in her stride. When she was asked about these comments during a recent event, she replied, “I read all the comments. The good comments, I’ll accept. I’ll continue working hard to improve the areas I didn't do well enough in.”

She also praised these netizens for their creativity, quipping that she felt hungry after reading their words. 

“I'll take (their comments) as a form of warning. I did put on some weight recently, so I thank them for their scrutiny,” she chuckled.

Additionally, when asked if she had any plans for Chinese New Year, she revealed that her husband, Chinese actor Chen Xiao, will be filming for his new drama during that period.

“I’ll bring our baby to the filming location to visit him. We’ll be staying in a hotel this time round, so it’ll be a little hard to whip up a home-cooked New Year’s meal. We try our best to spend time with each other whenever we’re not busy with work,” she revealed.

Michelle tied the knot with Chen Xiao in July 2016 and announced that she was three months pregnant. The pair first met while filming Chinese drama The Romance of the Condor Heroes in 2014. They welcomed their first child, a son nicknamed “Little Star” in December 2016.

Photos: PBE Media

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