Michael Tse becomes a dad at the age of 47

The Hong Kong actor’s wife gives birth to a baby boy after two failed attempts at IVF (in-vitro fertilization)


Hong Kong actor Michael Tse and his wife welcomed their first child yesterday after being married for eight years. Their baby boy weighs 2.72kg and has been nicknamed by the couple as Tian Tian.

Though the couple has been married for close to a decade, it was not until last September when Michael’s wife Tina was pregnant with Tian Tian.

Tina was rumoured to have a blocked fallopian tube that greatly reduced her chance of conceiving and while the couple tried to overcome the problem by opting for artificial insemination, they only succeeded in their third attempt last year.

The couple had kept a low profile of Tina’s pregnancy and did not reveal the baby’s gender. Reports stated that the anxious father-to-be made an early reservation for Tina’s hospital ward and even took leave from his work to accompany her when she was due to deliver.


As the 47-year-old was worried that the delivery process would be difficult for Tina, he also suggested that she undergo a caesarean section to deliver Tian Tian. When he had to cut the umbilical cord in the delivery room yesterday, Michael reportedly exclaimed that he was afraid to do it.

At noon today, the first-time father also shared two photos of Tian Tian and expressed his excitement on Weibo. “This is an amazing feeling that I cannot express in words. When I look at how he rests sweetly in my arms, I just had to make the promise of raising him well without any hesitation,” Michael wrote.


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