What do you do when you move to a new office? If you're Dasmond Koh, you throw a party, allow a baby to hijack it for his first birthday soiree, oh, and invite a minister too. 

NoonTalk Media had a get-together at their shiny new office on July 6. Besides head honcho Dasmond Koh, who also doubled up as the bilingual emcee for the day, artistes in attendance included Zong Zijie, Gavin Teo, Kimberly Chia, Xu Bin... and hang on. There was one person that everyone was going gaga over, and it's Ethan Xu.

Ethan who?

That's Xu Bin's little bundle of joy, who turns one on Jul 10. And what better way to finally reveal his cute little mug and his name than at, er, an office-warming shindig? 

Yup, almost everyone’s attention was on Xu Bin’s son. After all, this was the little munchkin's first public appearance, so of course all eyes - and cameras - were on him. And even then, the boy was hardly camera- or crowd-shy. In fact, Ethan was an absolute angel and did not cry at all, which rendered the ear plugs we had in our bags useless. Could this be a sign that he’s born to follow in Daddy's footsteps to be a star?