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Following the successful launches of cuddly Chinese Zodiac animal mascots Agogo, Ameimei and Guji Guji in previous years, Mediacorp has introduced three new pigs on the block, each signifying Prosperity (Fu Gui Bao), Happiness (Xing Fu Bao), and Health (Jian Kang Bao).

The adorably rotund trio, called Zhu Bao Bao, fronts the Mediacorp Lunar New Year Album 2019, a collection of 16 songs and seven music videos that is available as a CD+DVD, thumb drive, or - for the very first time - a limited edition Blu-ray Disc. The tracks are performed by top artistes including Zoe Tay, Pierre Png, Elvin Ng, Chen Hanwei, Felicia Chin, Joanne Peh… and many, many, many more (although we have to say, the pigs do a good job in hogging most of the limelight).

Those who are a stickler for audio quality would be happy to hear that the music videos in the Blu-ray edition have been enhanced by DTS:X, a sophisticated surround sound format that promises a more immersive experience. The clip for Xi Xi Ha Ha Guo Xin Nian’, performed by Edwin Goh, Kimberly Chia, Chen Yixi, Chantalle Ng, and Fang Rong, is even rendered in virtual reality. Fancy.

A couple of other highlights from the album are the first track ‘Zhu Bao Bao Jia Dao, sung by Rebecca Lim, Romeo Tan, Carrie Wong, Desmond Tan, He Ying Ying, Ian Fang, Gao Meigui, and Kunhua; as well as Hokkien bonus number ‘Hao Shi Wu’, the theme song of dialect drama How Are You? performed by Roy Li.

Click on for behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the album, as well as from the official launch!

The Mediacorp Lunar New Year Album 2019 retails at $19.90 (for a CD+DVD), $29.90 (for a thumb drive), and $35.90 (for a Blu-ray Disc), and is available at Sony Stores, Popular/CD-Rama stores, Poh Kim outlets, and Giant Hypermarts.

Each Zhu Bao Bao pushie retails at $16.80, with a bundle of three going for $40.80. Buy any version of the Mediacorp Lunar New Year Album 2019 to purchase the plushies at $13.80 each.

Watch all seven music videos from the Mediacorp Lunar New Year Album 2019 on Toggle.

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