Mayday ‘honoured’ to have their song played during FIFA World Cup 2018 finals

It’s not every day you hear a Chinese pop-rock song played during an international event of such scale

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Taiwanese rock band Mayday made history for being the only Mandopop group selected to have their song played during the FIFA World Cup 2018 finals.

The organisers conducted an online poll on Chinese social networking platform Weibo and got fans to choose from three pre-selected songs: Mayday’s ‘Stubborn’, S.H.E’s ‘Super Star’ and Wang Lee Hom’s ‘Descendants of the Dragon’. A total of one million votes was cast and Mayday’s song emerged top with 50.1 percent of votes.

Prior to Sunday’s big game between Croatia and France, Mayday’s official company B’in Music also thanked fans for their support. “[We are] very honoured that ‘Stubborn’ gives everyone strength. With our ongoing tour set to break the hundredth-show record, this also gives Mayday even more strength as the entire world [is able] to listen to Mayday.”

Fans who tuned in to the finals, eager to watch their idols make history on Sunday night, were disappointed, however, when the song was not played at half-time or after the match.

According to Taiwan news reports, Mayday’s song was aired before the match, during the warmup session. Thus explaining why fans who tuned in to watch the game hoping to listen to the song missed out on it.


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