Max Zhang, Ada Choi renew their wedding vows

The couple also took the opportunity to take some new wedding photos


Celebrity couple Max Zhang and Ada Choi are currently guests on reality show My Dearest Ladies. The show features a number of celebrity couples, along with the mothers of the husband bonding as they travel and make memories together. Other celebrity couples featured on the show include Christy Chung and Golden Zhang, who last made the news for their frequent on-screen disagreements.

On the last episode of the show, the production team arranged for each of the couples on the show to renew their wedding vows, preparing wedding dresses for the brides and suits for the grooms. As Ada is currently pregnant with her third child, she was understandably worried about how she would look when she received her dress. However, her worries were unfounded as the dress ended up being a great fit for her.

The lovebirds renewed their vows in the great outdoors, at the Red Stone Forest in Hunan. Before the ceremony began, however, the production team had one last trick up their sleeves, with Max’s father making an appearance as well. Later, it turned out that the production team had arranged for Max’s parents to renew their wedding vows on the same day to make it even more memorable.

Max and Ada tied the knot in 2008 and have two daughters together.


Photos: PBE Media

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