Marco Ngai is putting his daughter first in the face of his wife’s cheating scandal

Photos of his wife making out with another man at the back of a car were published earlier this week.

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Hong Kong actor Marco Ngai has become the centre of media attention after his non-celebrity wife Zhang Lihua was caught cheating on him.

Photos of the 32-year-old making out with a man, who is reported to be in the finance industry, were published earlier this week. Marco, who is 20 years older than Lihua, has avoided responding to the scandal directly and has only provided ambiguous comments through his manager.

The 52-year-old tied the knot with Lihua, who is from China, in 2008 after half a year of dating. They have a age? daughter, Jessica Ngai. In 2015, there were reports of their marriage being on the rocks, but the couple was said to have managed to repair their relationship.

However, it seems that Marco has had the last straw after Lihua’s cheating scandal, as he posted a cryptic message, “From now on, we only have each other,” on his Weibo account shortly after the scandal broke.

When asked if he will be filing for divorce, he would only say, “I’m just an ordinary father. I need some time to myself and I can’t comment further at this point of time.”

Undeterred, Hong Kong media outlets tried to get more details of his future plans as they spoke to him on January 13, showing him the photos of his wife making out with the unnamed man in the backseat of a taxi.

“Why do so many people like kissing in cars?” he quipped. However, when the reporters asked him what he thought of his wife cheating on him, Marco commented, “I don’t know anything. As of right now, the only person I’m thinking of is my daughter.”

He refused to confirm if he will be filing for divorce or trying to salvage his marriage, and asked for space as he deals with the situation and that he would only be able to share more details at a later time.

Photos: PBE Media


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