Maggie Cheung cries over being called the "voice from hell"

The actress revealed that she lost friends because they refused to acknowledge her dreams of pursuing a singing career


In 2014, Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung took the stage at the Strawberry Music Festival in Shanghai. After the performance, she was slammed for going off-tune a number of times during her performance, and was dubbed the “voice from hell” by unforgiving netizens.

However, the actress refused to give up on singing, declaring that she is determined to establish a singing career. Two years later, she released her own solo song, ‘Look in My Eyes’.

Recently guested on the talk show Master in the House, where she looked back at her 2014 performance. The 54-year-old, who started crying when discussing the topic, shared that the resulting public scrutiny was a huge blow to her, and that she had cried for several days after.

Maggie also revealed that she had lost a number of friends due to her wish to pursue a singing career. Her fellow actors refused to acknowledge her dreams, and she was too embarrassed to meet her friends as well. She revealed that it took her over a year to get over the ordeal.

However, Maggie’s love for music has not diminished one bit. In fact, the actress is planning to release a new song. Of late, Maggie has been spending up to 12 hours a day at the recording studio. When a reporter approached the actress to ask about how recording is going, Maggie did not reply, bowing her head and making a quick exit instead.

Earlier this year, a report quoted Maggie’s friends who claimed that share that the actress "doesn’t spend much time interacting with others, and is not as friendly as she used to be”.

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