Mövenpick Hotel Enshi slammed for trying to auction off the room Karen Mok slept in

The starting bid was RMB8,800 (S$1,700)

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Mövenpick Hotel Enshi has apologised after being slammed for trying to auction off the room Hong Kong singer Karen Mok occupied during her stay at the hotel.

Karen held her concert in Hubei on Aug 24, and three days later, a poster boasting that fans can book the room as she left it was uploaded online, causing an uproar among netizens.

“The goddess has left Enshi, but the room that she stayed in is still here. Her warmth, scent are still here and are waiting for you tonight,” read the poster. The sexually suggestive tone also rubbed netizens the wrong way, who called it grossly inappropriate.

The starting bid for the room was RMB8,800 (S$1700), with a minimum increment of RMB500 (S$97). The poster claimed that bids would be accepted from August 27, 6pm to August 28, 5pm.

Not only will the winning bidder be able to spend the night in the room, but also help themselves to the linens, towels and any other disposables when they check out. The only exception was the mattress on which she slept on.

After the uproar, the hotel has taken down the offer and apologised for the “bad social influence” that they caused. It is not known if they received any bids for the room.

The hotel, which is situated in Hubei, is described as Enshi’s only 5-star international hotel on its official site. Rates for the Garden Suite start from RMB1,593 (S$309) a night.

Photos: PBE Media

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