Chinese model Lynn Hung, who gave birth to twin girls earlier this year, attended a press conference for a skincare product in Hong Kong on October 15.

She shared that her mother-in-law is currently taking care of her babies. "I will only take on short-term jobs at the moment because my daughters need me to be able to fall asleep, so I want to be able to hold them at night after work," she said.

Because her babies have been getting heavier, Lynn recently suffered from inflammation of the tendons, but she assured everyone that she is recovering.

She is also in the midst of trying to regain her pre-pregnancy figure. "I gained 50 pounds (about 22.6 kg) during my pregnancy, and my old clothes no longer fit. I spend at least one hour a day in the gym," she said. "My memory has also gotten worse! I often ask my husband the same question many times."

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