Lynn Hung congratulates ex-boyfriend Aaron Kwok on his second child

The Heavenly King confirmed the good news last month

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Hong Kong Heavenly King Aaron Kwok and model Lynn Hung might have broken up years ago, but the former couple is still plagued with questions about each other. This is despite Lynn previously requesting that people no longer ask her about her ex-boyfriend. However, the couple has remained cordial to one another and have given each other their blessings as both parties have started their own families.

Lynn, who gave birth to twin girls last year, attended a promotional event where she talked more about her experience being a mother. “Having two girls means that I have twice the amount of baby clothes than others, and it’s impossible to wear all of them. Even the clothes that they received for their 100-day party were only worn once,” she shared. Lynn, who was auctioning off a gown that she’s worn only once for the second-hand platform’s event also let on that she would consider doing the same for her baby girls’ clothes, as she finds it a waste to throw them away after her babies have outgrown them.

The mother-of-two proudly let on that her girls started saying ‘daddy’ and ‘mummy’ when they were only four months old, and have learned how to stand up on their own at nine months.

However, even with all the joy that her girls have given her, she adamantly rejected the suggestion that she should have a pair of twin boys next.

“Looking after two girls is already tiring enough. Last week, they had a fever and diarrhoea, which caused me to worry a lot. I had to keep waking up during the night and didn’t sleep well for an entire week,” she explained.

As to how she feels about her ex-boyfriend announcing that his wife, Moka Fang, is pregnant with their second baby, Lynn would only say, “I congratulate him (on the good news).”

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