Luhan reveals why he decided to go public with relationship

The singer-actor admitted that he knew that it would impact his popularity, but decided to go ahead with it in the end

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A year after going public with his relationship with Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong, Chinese singer-actor Luhan shared more about his decision to reveal his relationship, as well as the impact that this decision had on his career.

When the 28-year-old first announced his relationship, the news immediately shot to the top of Weibo’s trending topics list, causing a stir among his large fan base. The news caused him to lose a number of his fans as well, impacting his career.

In an interview, Luhan shared that he had given the matter a fair amount of consideration before deciding to go public with his relationship. He admitted that he knew that it would impact his popularity, but had decided to go ahead with it in the end. 

“I felt that I needed to reveal it, that’s my personality. I don’t know how other people might see it, but for me, it’s a responsibility of sorts,” he said.

He shared that he did not wish to deceive others, and that the rampant spread of rumours surrounding his private life had frustrated him.

“I had to hide every day because there would be a new rumour popping up every day. If I did not reveal my relationship, I might even have three illegitimate children by now (according to the rumour mill)!” he said. 

Luhan also shared a time where a fellow celebrity had asked him if he really had a illegitimate child while they were filming for Keep Running.

“[The power of] rumours is indeed scary,” he sighed, expressing his wish to be able to say goodbye to being tabloid fodder.

He added that he’s used to negative comments from netizens, saying, “Ever since the start, I’ve always been caught up in the turbulent waves of the public’s opinion and questioned, so I’ve long become used to it.”

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