Good friends - and rumoured couple - Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan attended the premiere of their new crime thriller A Witness Out of the Blue in Hong Kong yesterday (Oct 22), but the spotlight was momentarily stolen by a “special guest” in the audience.

Sometime during the event, a female fan suddenly started shouting in Mandarin, “I’m here! I’m Louis Koo’s wife! Everyone look here!” When security guards stepped forward to try and restrain her, she ignored them and continued yelling, “Husband! He hit me! Louis Koo, he hit me! I’m Louis Koo’s wife!” However, the actor appeared unfazed and did not display much of a reaction to his passionate devotee.

The rest of the programme went on without a hitch, and there was a mini celebration for Louis’s birthday, which was on Monday (Oct 21). The 49-year-old shared that his birthday wish is to be healthy, because without it, he wouldn’t be able to do anything else. He also explained that he did not have a birthday gathering with fans this year as he was worried about the traffic conditions.

Jessica happily shared that she had already prepared a gift for Louis, and guarantees that he will like it. “I remember all my friends’ birthdays because I note the dates down in a book,” she said, adding with a laugh, “If Louis were to forget my birthday, even if it’s just a day late, I will hold it against him for life!”

The duo then took the opportunity to address reports that they will be tying the knot at the end of the year. Even fans are hoping for romance to blossom between the two, but Louis dashed their hopes by clarifying that while he is grateful that people are so supportive of his pairing with Jessica, “there is absolutely no such thing” as an upcoming wedding. “Perhaps we’ll get married in our next movie?” Jessica quipped.

Photos: TPG