Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Michael Miu, Carlos Chan, Michelle Wai, and more attended the charity premiere of their new film The White Storm 2: Drug Lords in Hong Kong yesterday (Jul 15).

The movie has enjoyed great success in China, reportedly grossing RMB 1 billion (about S$197 million) at the box office. Andy, who produced as well as starred in the flick, expressed his happiness at this phenomenal result, but refrained from revealing the exact profits.

When asked if he would bring the same cast back for a potential third instalment, Andy admitted that he does not know if that is a possibility yet. However, Michael quickly chimed in, “We’d have to ask the studio bosses first, but I would happily shoot another sequel without being paid!”

As for whether Andy would ask the studio bosses for an even higher budget to shoot a third instalment, he said, “It depends on the script. Perhaps the third instalment will be a less action-packed drama?”

Meanwhile, Louis heaped loads of praise on Andy as a producer. “He’s not strict at all; in fact, he’s a really fun person!” he gushed. “However, because he was both a producer and an actor, it required a lot of concentration, so as soon as work began, there was not much room to play around.”

Photos: TPG

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