Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, and Francis Ng attended the premiere of their new action thriller Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy in Hong Kong yesterday (Aug 6), where they shared more about their filming experiences.

According to Louis, he accidentally hurt himself while shooting his very last scene, which had a big explosion. “I was supposed to fall down, but I accidentally cut my right hand on some broken glass,” he revealed. “It wouldn’t stop bleeding, so I had to get three stitches.”

Francis had also suffered an injury while filming a scene with a chainsaw, requiring two stitches on his hand. Fortunately for Nick, he never needed the procedure. “I only had to keep jumping from stairs!” he laughed.

Nick, who looked visibly tanner at the event, joked that he wanted to sport a similar skin colour as Louis, so when they were filming in Spain, he spent as much time as he could under the sun. “But in the end, I’m still two shades fairer than Louis!” he chuckled.

Louis quipped in response, “I didn’t want to give the lighting guys a hard time, so whenever I was indoors, I would use a facial mask as often as I could.”

Photos: TPG

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