Actors Louis Koo, Alex Fong, Lo Hoi Pang, Sam Lee and director Andrew Lau attended the premiere of their new fantasy film Kung Fu Monster in Hong Kong on December 23.

Louis revealed that he rehearsed for his dance scene in the film for three days, an experience that left a deep impression on him. When asked if he suffered any injuries during filming, he laughed and said, "Although I play a kung fu master, I was the one getting beaten up all the time!"

The actor, who recently underwent cervical spine surgery, said that although he needs another half a year to recover fully and has been advised by doctors to take a break from working, it would be impossible for him to adhere to their request. However, he makes sure to plan regular check-ups.

Louis was then asked if he would be attending an upcoming music awards show, where he is nominated for a singing accolade. "At the moment, I really have no idea whether I will be able to make it," he said. "As for whether I will perform, I will worry about that once I confirm that I am going."

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