Louis Koo confirmed to have gone through cervical spine surgery

The actor’s condition was so bad that he experienced numbness in all of his fingers

louis koo surgery

Louis Koo has had a bumper year, picking up his first Best Actor Award earlier this year at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards. Since then, he has landed even more projects and has a packed schedule until the end of the year.

During an event on November 15, reporters noticed that he had a plaster on his neck area, which led to questions to it. The actor then confessed that he recently underwent cervical spine surgery in the USA.

Previous reports have stated that Louis has been experiencing problems with his neck area for almost two years. It was so serious that he experienced numbness in all of his fingers, but he had put off seeking treatment until it became too serious to ignore.

“I was told that there was (a segment) of my spine had moved 1 cm, which caused it to be pressing on a nearby nerve,” he explained. “Within two days of finding out, I decided to go to the USA for the surgery to fix the problem that I had between C5 and C6 sections in my spinal cord.”

With Louis jumping back into work so quickly after his surgery, reporters expressed their worries about him over-exerting himself, especially since it was a major procedure. Louis then clarified that he had in fact turned down a lot more jobs and that he will pace himself accordingly so that he has sufficient time to rest.

In addition, he will be carefully considering acting roles that require him to perform action scenes in future, and only make the decision based on his body’s condition. He assured that he will only need to rest for six to eight weeks, and will make a full recovery within half a year.

Louis shared that this is the first time he has undergone surgery, and that his doctor had previously suggested that he can consider taking oral medication and receiving treatment. “However, I felt that it will be difficult for me to slot therapy sessions into my filming schedule. That’s why I needed it to be solved immediately. In addition, it caused me a lot of pain, which is why I needed it to be dealt with immediately.”

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