Aaron Kwok recently held a screening of his new crime flick Peace Breaker for his family and friends like Julian Cheung and Gigi Leung.

The highlight of the screening, according to certain news sites, wasn't the movie itself but Mrs Aaron Kwok (aka Chinese model-actress Moka Fang), who showed up at the shindig looking like a, um, new and improved version of herself.

Moka, who gave birth to the couple’s daughter just last month, reportedly slipped into the theatre with the movie crew and avoided media interviews.

Netizens immediately commented on the new mum’s change in appearance, with some folks noting her resemblance to Cecilia Cheung now.

They also compared her current look to her pre-Mrs Heavenly King days, when she was still a heavily made-up model running her own online store on Taobao.

These days, netizens observed that Moka has stopped piling on the cosmetics and instead appears in public sporting a fuss-free ponytail. And many credit her marrying a Heavenly King for the change.

Or maybe, we’re just saying, Moka is owning her new status by ditching her fussy Ah Lian get-ups and embracing her natural beauty.

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