Liza Wang lauded for professionalism after falling on stage

The 72-year-old got up and continued her performance without a hitch after her accident.


Hong Kong actress Liza Wang was recently invited to grace the maiden voyage of China’s first self-operated luxury cruise ship, where she was scheduled to perform a number of songs.

However, while she was walking up to the stage before her performance, Liza’s long skirt got tangled up with her shoes. As a result, she took a tumble, eliciting gasps of surprise from the assembled guests.

But, impressively, the consummate professional recovered swiftly, getting up without any assistance from the cruise’s staff members. 

The 72-year-old then continued with her performance, without missing a note or even going out of tune.

A video of Liza’s fall was later posted online, with many praising Liza for her professionalism. Some also took note of Liza’s words during a talk segment after her fall, where she noted that this was the first time that she had fallen on stage, despite her many years in the entertainment industry.

Photos: PBE Media

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