Liza Wang recorded an episode of her variety show Liza’s Online with actor Sammy Leung, singer William So and more in Hong Kong on June 3.

The day before, the diva’s god-daughter, model-actress Jennifer Tse (who is the younger sister of actor Nicholas Tse), had suddenly announced that she is the mother of a baby girl. The news caught everyone by surprise as Jennifer was not known to be pregnant or in any confirmed public relationships.

“She told me about the baby but did not send me any photos. I want to see her daughter too! But it’s been a while since we last met up because she’s not in Hong Kong,” said Liza. “I was a little surprised when I heard the news, but Jennifer is an adult after all, and she has been in a relationship all along. I am very happy for her.”

However, Liza refrained from revealing the identity of the baby’s father, which is still a mystery, saying that there is no need for the couple to go public if it is their wish to remain private.

When asked if she knew about the baby earlier than Jennifer’s father, veteran actor Patrick Tse, Liza said that she and her god-daughter are extremely close. As for what gifts she plans to give the baby, she admitted that she has yet to think about it, but it will most likely be gold jewellery.

Photos: TPG

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