Liza Wang and Chow Yun Fat spotted shopping for New Year goodies in a neighbourhood dried goods shop

Celebrities, they’re just like us.


Shoppers at a nondescript dried goods store in Kowloon City were in for a treat yesterday (January 20), with not one, but two screen legends shopping among their midst.

Hong Kong actress Liza Wang updated her Instagram account, revealing that she had run into fellow actor Chow Yun Fat while out shopping. The duo had starred alongside each other in the classic 1981 drama, The Shell Game II.

I went to Kowloon City this morning to shop for some New Year goods, where I ran into Fat gor (as Yun Fat is affectionately known as). This is definitely a stroke of luck! (Let’s) prosper! Prosper! Prosper!,”  she wrote in her caption, making a play on words with the actor’s Chinese name (周润发), as the last letter of his Chinese name means prosperity as well.

Yun Fat has often been spotted out and about in Kowloon, where he lives. When he guested on the talk show, A Date with Luyu, the actor brought the cast and crew around Kowloon, introducing a number of his favourite food haunts to the public, sharing that his favourite food include durian, red dates and walnut cake.

After seeing Liza’s post, netizens could not help but to lament that they miss seeing the two screen legends act alongside each other, reminiscing about Liza and Yun Fat’s scenes together in The Shell Game II.

Photos: PBE Media

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