Live-Blogging The Star Awards 2017

The Star Awards is finally here and it's happening tonight at the MES Theatre @ Mediacorp.

Sit back and relax and let 8 DAYS do the heavy lifting as we give real-time commentary on the awards, including who won and who lost and who gave the best speech.

9:50pm: The 10 Top Most Popular Male Artistes are: Romeo Tan, Zhang Zhenhuan, Ian Fang, Desmond Tan, Shane Pow, Ben Yeo, Dennis Chew, Lee Teng, Pornsak and Desmond Ng. Congrats. Sorry, Andie - you need to have a talk with your fans. Until next year... bye bye! 

9.46pm: Mickey Huang is back again but with a new suit, and a new co-presenter Jang Hyuk. Is Mickey stalling or auditioning to be next year's Star Awards host? Think it's the latter. 

9:20pm: Mickey Huang and Cheryl Yang present the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes: Rebecca Lim, Paige Chua, Jesseca Liu, Jayley Woo (she almost trips on the way to the stage), Carrie Wong, Felicia Chin (she gets personally escorted to the stage by BF Jeffrey Xu), Sora Ma, Chris Tong, Ya Hui, and Kym Ng. Congrats ladies! 

9:14pm: Hero is crowned Best Drama Serial. Up next, the Top 10 Favourite Male/Female Artistes. Our bookies are standing by to take your bets. Kidding. 

9.02pm: Taiwanese actor Kai Ko presents the Best Actress award to Zoe Tay for You Can Be An Angel 2, beating out hot faves Rui En (If Only I Could), Jeanette Aw (The Dream Job) and Rebecca Lim (You Can Be An Angel 2). 

8:58pm: OMG! Chen Hanwei wins Best Actor for The Gentlemen. Andie Chen loses again. 

8:56pm: Hongkong actor Bowie Lam is up next to present Best Actor.   

8:49pm: Quan Yifeng's 17-year-old daughter Eleanor turns up and dedicates a song to mum. QYF's Mother Day present arrives a month early. It's okay to cry. 

8:36pm We're at the halfway point! Up next, the presentation of the All-Time Favourite Artiste to Elvin Ng, Joanne Peh (at 33, she is the youngest recipient) and Quan Yifeng. Roll their greatest hits showreel!  Man, look how their hairstyles have evolved over the years! 

8:20pm: Quan Yifeng wins Best Programme Host for Markets in Asia

8:16pm Star Awards 2016 Part 2 wins Best Variety Special!  

8:13pm: Taiwanese actress Ann Lang presents the Best Variety Special and  Best Programme Host (Variety, Info-Ed & Infortainment). 

8:05pm: Aileen Tan wins Best Supporting Actress for Hero! Gives an emotional speech where she say this is probably her first and last time to receive this award. Come again? 

8:01pm: Romeo Tan wins Best Suporting Actor for The Dream Job! (Don't cry, Andie Chen, you still have the Best Actor category to look forward to.) 

7:56pm:  Up next, Amber An and f(x)’s Krystal Jung present Best Supporting Actor and Actress. 

7.52pm:  Xiang Yun takes home the Best Evergreen Artiste for Peace & Prosperity

7.47pm: The bubbly Mimi Chu is in the house to present Best Evergreen Artiste and jokes about the many actors who have played her children and husbands she met backstage. 

7:42pm:  Time for a little breather for the presenters while the Japanese drum and dance ensemble Drum Tao take centre stage. Thought the performance would be longer. Oh never mind, they'll be back in August for a series of concerts. 

7.35pm: Ding Dang and Guo Xin are presenting the Best Theme Song, which goes to If Only I Could's 最美的时光.

7.30pm: This is a nerve-wrecking moment: an update of who's in the running for Top 10 Male and Female Artistes. Fans, you have until 8.30pm to decide their fates. 

7:20pm: Up next, the Best Variety Programme. The award goes to Hearts & Hugs.  

7:17pm: And the award goes to Unique Towns. Congrats! 

7:13pm; We're off to the evening's first category, Best Info-Ed Programme. Really hope The Nursing Story wins. 

7.07pm: Meet the Class of 2017! Lee Teng is the Master of Ceremony. (Nice outfit, Romeo Tan.) 

7pm: It's showtime! 


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