Live-blogging The Road to Star Awards Show 3

It’s all about being popular this week.

The All-Time Faves take centrestage this week. And we reveal who makes it to the Top 40 Most Popular Artistes list. 

9.59pm: And that's a wrap! Seeya all next week for the big night! 

cavin soh

9.57pm: Yao Wenlong, Terence Cao, Zhu Houren and Pierre Png are the male artistes who didn't make it into the Top 20 Most Popular Male Artistes list. Cavin Soh Seems genuinely pumped that he made it in. 

9.56pm: Ian Fang says he's not nervous. But why is his voice quivering? 

9.54pm: Lin Meijiao, Hong Huifang, Aileen Tan and Priscelia Chan are the female artistes who didn't make it into the Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes list. 

9.49pm: With all that talk about that silver briefcase So Ji Sub is holding, it suddenly feels like we're watching Deal Or No Deal. Remember that show? 

show 3 briefcase

9.46pm: And now we have Korean star So Ji Sub, whose name would take on a real different meaning if we were all in Fifty Shades of Grey. He's here to reveal which artistes made it into the Top 40 Most Popular List. Correction: He's just here to hand over the briefcase that contains their names. 

9.42pm: Does Chen Tianwen not know he's on live TV when he's talking about which of the newbies he's worked with? Either that or we think his white wine is kicking in. 

show 3 young stars

9.38pm: Is it a requirement for young male stars to be able to rap? Awesome vocals though, Bonnie Loo. 

9.35pm: Romeo Tan, Desmond Tan and Zhang Zhenhuan are talking about the ushering of newcomers into the industry now. Wait, wasn't it just yesterday that they were newbies themselves? We feel old now. 

9.30pm: More singing courtesy of Rebecca Lim and Shaun Chen.  Let's hope what happened to Mariah Carey on New Year's Eve does not happen to them. 

9.28pm: Ah, so these are the people who decide who wins the awards every year. Now you know. 

9.24pm: The awards for Best News Story and Best Current Affairs Story are being given out. Seeing the clips of the nominees on TV makes us realise how much fluff we've been watching instead. 

show 3 bloodbath

9.19pm:  With the red backdrop, Joanne and Kate's fire-engine red outfits and the crimson-coloured seats... it looks like a bloodbath on screen right now. 

9;16pm: Elvin can't decide if he would rather go on a holiday with Joanne or Yifeng. But eventually chooses Yifeng, cos Joanne is a mum of two already. Did Elvin forget Yifeng is a mum too? 

9.14pm,: Dennis Chew is hosting a lightning round Q&A session with the All-Time Faves. Who does QYF hate to host a show with? Her answer? Dennis. Ouch. 

show 3 all time faves

9.10pm: Hey, it's the newest All-Time Favourite Artiste inductees! Joanne Peh says she might not be able to attend next week's awards as she's due anytime. 

show 3 andie chen

9.04pm: Theme song time! Kate Pang introduces her “idol” aka her hubby Andie Chen, who's performing the theme song to If Only I Could like his life depended on it.

9.03pm: That has got to be white wine in Chen Tianwen’s glass. 

9.01pm: Hey, where’s Pornsak? Lee Teng says he’s voting for himself at home now, which is why Kate Pang is here tonight? 

9pm: And we’re finally at the last of this year’s Star Awards pre-shows. Cue the theme song. Something to think about: This is the second last time you’ll be hearing it this year.  


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