Live-blogging The Road to Star Awards Show 2

The hosts with the mostest take centrestage this week.

This week, the focus is on variety. Get set for a whole lot of banter.

9.57pm: The hosts bid us farewell, but not before announcing the Top 8 male artistes at the moment (in no particular order): Dennis Chew, Ben Yeo, Romeo Tan, Desmond Tan, Ian Fang, Lee Teng and Zhang Zhenhuan. The last slot goes to Pornsak, who jumps for joy (literally). 

9.55pm: And the award goes to... Mark Lee! His faux tears of joy ought to earn him an acting award. "I don't know who decided this award..." he begins. It's the artistes' choice, he's told. "Okay, everyone gets a taste of this award later!" he declares to his colleagues.

9.52pm: Dear producers, please consider making this Best Speech Award official. Most entertaining segment of the show so far. 

9.51pm: And who could forget Chen Liping's "bai bai pang pang" bon mot from years ago?

9.50pm: The video montage of Elvin's acceptance speeches over the years is brimming with so many quotable quotes, it's enough for Elvin to release a second book.

9.46pm: The Top 8 female artistes standings (for now): Rebecca Lim, Bonnie Loo, Kym Ng, Paige Chua, Sora Ma, Julie Tan, Ya Hui and Carrie Wong, in no particular order. 

9.23pm: Motormouths Guo Liang, Kym Ng, Mark Lee, Vivian Lai, Bryan Wong, Quan Yifeng and Ben Yeo take the stage. And when comperes compare how many trophies they've earned in their careers, they make a game out of it, of course. The ruckus on stage reminds us of housewives trying to out-bargain each other at a wet market. 

9.19pm: Ian Fang clinches the London Choco Roll Happiness Award, and there're no prizes for guessing who's the happiest person in the room right now. Yup, the one who just rattled off an entire acceptance speech like he's been preparing for this moment for a while now. 

9.13pm: Elvin Ng takes the stage with getai veterans Marcus Chin and Wang Lei to sing the upbeat Eat Already theme song, and we've got to say, Elvin's the Choi Siwon of the group. 

9.12pm: Is Zhang Zhenhuan allowed to ever have another bad hair day now that he's snagged the Bioskin Healthiest Hair award? No pressure at all. 

9.06pm: As expected there isn't enough time for everyone to talk when you've got a whole stage of power hosts. Even Quan Yifeng, the Artistes' Choice for Best Programme Host, can't get a word in edgewise.

9.04pm: As the hosts whip out their phones to cast their votes for Artistes' Choice for Best Variety Host, we're scrutinising their phone covers instead.  

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