Live-Blogging The Road To Star Awards Show 1

The random and not-so-random thoughts running through our minds as we watch the live telecast of The Road to Star Awards 2017: Show 1.

Grab the popcorn! The countdown to the Star Awards begins here with our live blog of The Road to Star Awards Show 1.

9.58pm: The show wraps up with the bottom 8 artistes revealed. Aileen Tan, Priscelia Chan, Lin Meijiao, Hong Huifang, Chen Tianwen, Terence Cao, Chen Shucheng and San Yow don't make the cut. 

9.55pm: The Best Actress prize goes to Ah Jie — as awarded by her colleagues.

9.53pm: Ian Fang’s ‘vote’ for Best Actress goes to Rebecca Lim, his “good friend”. Because this is what good friends do.

9.51pm: Even when handing out faux awards, the stars’ speeches get cut short by music. Life is tough.

9.50pm: And the artistes choice for Best Actor goes to… Andie again! Is this a sign of what’s to come on Apr 16?

9.42pm: Awww. Zoe Tay is singing along to the You Can Be An Angel 2 theme song that Carrie Wong is belting out on stage now. Ah Jie's so enthusiastic, we'd want her in the mosh pit at our concert.  

9.38pm: The hosts joke that Desmond must've been the one to trip Rebecca when she had her JLaw-esque fall at the Star Awards two years ago. She smiles politely, then looks the other way. Hmm.

9.36pm: How did Pornsak get away with stealing a secondary school boy’s uniform and wearing it on national TV?

9.35pm: Are we at fashion week? Rebecca Lim, Desmond Tan, Zoe Tay, Elvin Ng and Jeanette Aw greet us again after the commercial break with a runway show reminiscent of an 80s beauty pageant (the vibe, not the clothes lah). 

9.16pm: Jeffrey Xu is the heart eyes emoji personified as he watches Felicia Chin sing on stage.

9.14pm: The first real award of the night is handed out. Toh Xin Hui snags the Young Talent Award for her role in The Gentlemen.

9.08pm: Paige Chua is her peers' choice for Best Supporting Actress, but all we’re thinking right now is…. What are the artistes drinking on stage? Apple juice in champagne glasses? Is that real wine in Chen Hanwei's glass? 

9.07pm: Andie emerges the winner of this unofficial vote and receives, not a trophy, but a bunch of blooms that may or may not survive until the actual Star Awards ceremony on Apr 16.

9:05pm: The artistes are asked to cast their ‘votes’ for Best Supporting Actor. Zhu Houren’s choice is Andie Chen in Hero. Why? “His son is very cute.” Now, this is why you have kids.


(Actual) awards handed out tonight:

Young Talent Award: Toh Xin Hui, The Gentlemen

Best Director: Martin Chan, CLIF 4

Best Screenplay: Cheong Yan Peng and Ng Kah Huay, The Truth Seekers


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