Linda Chung to return to Canada to prepare for childbirth

The actress, who is six months pregnant, admitted that she misses her elder child as she jetted to Hong Kong alone for work

linda chung pregnant baby

Hong Kong-Canadian actress Linda Chung announced in March that she was pregnant with her second child after she halted her work activities and returned to Canada. Currently six months pregnant, the 33-year-old flew back to Hong Kong to attend brand-related promotional activities earlier this month, where she was praised for maintaining her svelte figure.

When asked about her lack of a baby bump, she laughed that her unborn child is already “very sensible”, and moves around in her womb just before she makes public appearances so that her baby bump is less obvious. Linda also let on that her second pregnancy has been “more comfortable than the first”, although she often has to wake up in the wee hours of the morning when the baby kicks her.

Admitting that she misses her elder child, 2-year-old Kelly Leung, who is currently back in Canada, she revealed that she will only be returning home a week later, where she will focus on preparing for childbirth.

Linda was also asked about her good friend Christine Kuo’s recent engagement to professional racer William Lok, and expressed that she has not decided if she will be able to be one of the bridesmaids, but maintained that she will try her best to help the bride-to-be out in whatever way she can.

She also shot down the possibility of Kelly becoming the flower girl at Christine’s wedding, explaining that her daughter is “too young, and will start dancing once she hears music. I’m worried that she will refuse to (do her job) and make a mess out of things!”

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