Linda Chung reunites with her ‘Heart of Greed’ co-stars

The actress brought her children along for a playdate as well


Canadian-born actress Linda Chung has taken a step back from her work as an actress in Hong Kong after tying the knot with her chiropractor husband in 2016. Since then, the 34-year-old has welcomed a baby boy and girl to her family, 2-year-old Kelly and 7-month-old Jared.

In April, the actress returned to Hong Kong with her family in tow, to spend the Easter holidays, and even took time out to make appearances at work events, as well as meet up with her celebrity friends. 

In a series of photos Linda posted on Instagram on Saturday (April 27) of her meal with her Heart of Greed co-stars, veteran Hong Kong actors Ha Yu, Louise Lee and Michelle Yim, she shared how thankful she is for their guidance, as they “taught me so much about acting and showered me with so much love, care and compassion consistently”.


“It was so cute seeing them interacting with Kelly and Jared,” Linda added, sharing pictures of Michelle hugging Jared, with Kelly sitting beside her.

Louise also uploaded a picture of her holding Jared, although she covered his face with a rabbit emoji. In her caption, she added that “Linda baby and her babies are so cute!”.


Photos: PBE Media

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