Lin Gengxin clarifies “married” status

A hospital report leaked online saw a flurry of speculation on who the Chinese actor is wedded to

lin gengxin married

Chinese actor Lin Gengxin has made a name for himself with hit dramas such as Scarlet Heart and Princess Agents. He was also praised for his attentiveness towards Girls’ Generation member YoonA while they were filming period drama God of War, Zhao Yun, with many Korean fans remarking that his gentlemanly behaviour was worthy of praise.

However, he has become the victim of an unauthorised leak of personal documents as a netizen, claiming to be the housemate of someone working at a hospital, uploaded Gengxin’s medical history online.

The netizen claimed that the most shocking part of the document was that under marital status, Gengxin was declared to be married, which led many to wonder when he tied the knot and who his wife is.

Commenters pointed out that his full name, age and other personal details matched with the actor’s, which led to many believing that he secretly got married. It then sparked an intense debate on why he chose to hide his marital status, with some swearing that they will never watch any of his works again.

To clarify the situation, he updated his Weibo to confirm that he indeed visited the hospital recently, and that the patient records uploaded online belong to him. However, he denounced the actions of the netizen who uploaded it with, “Only people with no conscience would disclose personal documents like this”.

His work studio followed up with another statement, maintaining that Gengxin is still legally single and that the marital status was wrongly filled in by the hospital staff, which led to a misunderstanding. They continued that they will be taking legal action against the hospital for failing to maintain patient confidentiality.

Photo: PBE Media

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