Lin Ching-hsia is not divorced from billionaire husband?

The billionaire’s ex-wife shared that the couple is ‘very happy’

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Earlier this year, Hong Kong media reported that Taiwanese actress Lin Ching-hsia (or Brigitte Lin), had divorced from her husband of 24 years, billionaire Michael Ying. It was said that Michael had found himself a Shanghainese mistress who successfully bore him a son to carry on the family name, after Ching-hsia was unable to do so. The couple is said to have been long separated, and have slept in separate rooms since the birth of their youngest daughter.

After the divorce was reportedly finalised, Ching-hsia is said to have walked away with HK$2 billion (approximately S$350 million).

On Tuesday, Michael’s ex-wife, entrepreneur Flora Cheong-leen, made an appearance at a dance event, where she was quizzed about the reports of Michael’s divorce from Ching-hsia.

With a smile on her face, Flora asked in curiosity, “Why is everyone asking me? There’s nothing (wrong), nothing.” Later, she revealed that she often meets with the couple and their kids, saying, “The entire family are all very happy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong. They are all very happy.”

This has raised questions about the legitimacy of the reports, as Flora's words could be interpreted to mean that Michael and Ching-hsia are still married and that there are no issues with their marriage, contrary to previous reports.

Michael and Flora were married for three years, from 1986 to 1988, and have a daughter, Claudine Ying, together. Flora and Ching-hsia are said to have a good relationship, with Flora having thanked Ching-hsia publicly for her care towards Claudine multiple times.

Ching-hsia (or Brigitte Lin) bowed out of the spotlight in 1994, when she married Michael. She has two daughters, Eileen Ying and Melani Ying, with Michael.

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