Taiwanese actress Lin Ching-hsia (or Brigitte Lin) bowed out of the spotlight in 1994, when she married billionaire Michael Ying. She has two daughters, Eileen Ying and Melani Ying, with Michael, and a step-daughter from his first marriage, Claudine Ying.

However, according to recent reports, Ching-hsia has gotten a divorce from Michael, and has been awarded a HK$2 billion (S$350 million) alimony.

News of her marriage being on the rocks started surfacing in 2006, with the reports back then alleging that she was forced to move out of the family home. At the time, these rumours were denied, but follow up reports claimed that Ching-hsia was diagnosed with depression, but even then, Michael is said to have been too busy with his work to spend enough time with her. They further claimed that the couple started sleeping in separate rooms after their younger daughter was born.

In 2012, Chinese author Wang Tingting claimed that Michael wanted to carry on the family name, and since Ching-hsia was unable to do that for him, he found himself a Shanghainese mistress who successfully bore him a son.

In recent days, an A-list actress has reportedly revealed that Ching-hsia and Michael are officially separated, and went on to claim that the former actress made the difficult decision after taking in consideration her teenage daughters, who have since grown up.

After speculation of their split emerged online, neither Ching-hsia nor Michael has issued a public statement, and this led to further speculation that the claims are true.

Netizens have pulled out Ching-hsia’s past columns on the China Times newspaper, guessing that she has hinted at trouble in paradise since years ago.

In a piece written soon after her 60th birthday, she wrote, “It’s as if I put down a heavy load in my life, and I’ve been reborn.”

Ching-hsia’s writing also include, “I’ve overcome countless hurdles, large and small, in my 60 years. Today, hurdles aren’t even hurdles to me anymore, and I don’t care about how others view me. I learned to accept that perfection doesn’t exist (…) This feeling is as though I’ve been set free from my cage and I can finally smell my freedom.”

She was also spotted at a supermarket buying flowers after the news broke, but did not stop to talk to reporters. She is said to have been accompanied by guards, and looked to be in good spirits, seemingly unaffected by reports of her failed marriage.

Photos: PBE Media

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