Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling held her wedding ceremony today (November 17) in her father’s hometown of Tainan. The 44-year-old registered her marriage with her 38-year-old Japanese singer-actor Akira on June 6.

Prior to the ceremony, Chi-ling released a statement on her Facebook page, thanking the public for their congratulatory messages.

“Akira and I often remind each other not to forget our roots, which is why we chose to hold our wedding ceremony in this very meaningful location,” she wrote. “When I think about my childhood, my older brother, cousins and I would run around my mother’s hometown all year round. There are many happy memories with my family here, and it’s also a place where my family members have made the most memories.”

“Akira shared his hopes that he would be able to learn more about our culture and customs, and have our wedding ceremony in the place where my parents treasure the most. At this very important time, we chose to have our wedding in Tainan as we want to be able to share our best moments with my parents. I’m also thankful to Akira for holding my hand and laying the foundations of our happy family here.”

The couple held a traditional Chinese tea ceremony in the afternoon, and Chi-ling was spotted wiping away tears several times while serving tea to her elders. Akira was reported to be noticeably nervous, especially since he is unfamiliar with the custom. Prior to the actual tea ceremony, the newlyweds are said to have rehearsed for about three hours.

While the wedding festivities were not open to the public, fans waited outside the wedding venue and shouted their congratulations to the happy couple, wishing them a lifetime of happiness together.

After the ceremony, Chi-ling updated her Instagram and Weibo accounts with photos of the newlyweds, captioned with “1117~ We’ll live a happy life together.”

The couple also spoke to the press briefly, where Chi-ling told Sina Entertainment that she rates her husband a hundred out of a hundred marks. When asked about her plans to start a family, she mused that she will “work hard” towards having a baby next year.

Chi-ling and Akira met while working on musical Red Cliff -Love- eight years ago, and remained friends since then. It was only last year where their relationship evolved into something more, and the pair decided to tie the knot after half a year of dating.

Photos: PBE Media, TPG

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