Netizens can’t wait for Lin Chi-ling to get married

You could say they “over-reacted” when they saw her in a white wedding dress

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Considering the strong reaction Lin Chi-ling received when she uploaded a picture of herself in a white bustier dress from a Korean wedding label, the Taiwanese supermodel might want to steer clear from white dresses for the time being – until she finds her prince charming.

Chi-ling, who was dressed up for a work event, posted the picture with this caption: “Is it my turn?” along with a smiling emoji yesterday.

Fans and followers of the 44-year-old flooded the comments section, praising her for looking “elegant” like an “angel” and “goddess”.

Astute fans who felt that she was hinting about something in her caption were quick to assume that she found “the right one” and it was finally Chi-ling’s “turn” to get married, after multiple unsuccessful attempts at finding Mr. Right.

Their excitement quickly dissipated to disappointment, however, as the statuesque model shared during a media interview a few days ago that she does not have a boyfriend to spend Christmas with.

“It’s not quite possible lah! [It is] not in time, sorry,” she told the media.

Chi-ling was last romantically linked to her ex-boyfriend Jerry Yan, who reportedly ghosted on her after they were rumoured to have reconciled when they were seen working out in a gym in Malaysia together last year. Jerry has seemingly moved on with someone new, as shared during a recent fan meeting in Japan.
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