Lin Chi-ling’s husband Akira crowned ‘Taiwan’s number one son-in-law’ by netizens

The Japanese singer-actor has definitely made it into their good books.

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Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling and Japanese singer-actor Akira might have held their wedding ceremony over a month ago, but talk about their nuptials is still going strong.

For one, Taiwanese netizens have rallied behind Akira, and have even declared him to be Taiwan’s number one son-in-law. He has earned his way into their good books through his actions, out of which three have been mentioned the most frequently.

The first was his decision to hold their wedding ceremony in Chi-ling’s hometown of Tainan. He explained that it was “because it’s where (her parents) tied the knot and for her it is a place filled with wonderful memories with her family and grandmother.”

In addition, he explained this in a long post which was written in three languages, his native Japanese, English and also Mandarin. He has impressed with his fluency in Mandarin, and earned extra brownie points after Chi-ling let on that he has been learning the language despite his hectic schedule.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that news of Akira and his group, EXILE, attending Taiwanese broadcaster TTV’s Lunar New Year special programme Super Star has been met with much excitement.

Although there is no word if Chi-ling will be in attendance, netizens have remarked that this will be a good opportunity for the singer to perform for the Taiwanese audience, joking that they might even end up with another “son-in-law” if a member of the group falls in love with one of the local stars at the event.

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