Lin Chi-ling’s father suspected that she was pregnant

The model’s dad seems more than happy to talk about his famous daughter ever since she tied the knot

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Lin Chi-ling’s maybe baby has been hogging headlines since she tied the knot with Japanese actor-singer Akira.

The speculation has been so intense that even the Taiwanese model’s father, Lin Fan-nan, was convinced that there was some truth to the rumours. He previously declared that his daughter couldn’t get married to a Taiwanese man because they “have no guts” to marry her.

He was asked about his famous daughter once again at an event on September 11, and he was more than happy to spill the beans on topics that have yet to be addressed by the couple themselves.

Fan-nan claimed that Chi-ling and Akira will not be having a wedding banquet as their respective work schedules are too packed for them to fit a celebratory dinner in. “Thank you for all the love and support that you’ve sent (my daughter) since her marriage. She might very well prepare 50,000 boxes of wedding biscuits for everyone in return!”

He also spoke about Chi-ling’s rumoured pregnancy. He mused, “I took a good look at her stomach the other day. I asked her if she was pregnant, and she shook her head!” Fan-nan added that he doesn’t think there is any point in trying to rush her into having kids “because the both of them are too busy and serious about their work!”

In related news, Chi-ling attended an Volvo event on September 10, where she showed off her flat tummy in a fitted outfit, effectively putting a stop to rumours of her having a baby bump.

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