Lin Chi-ling’s father claims that she couldn’t get married to a Taiwanese man because they have “no guts”

The model recently tied the knot with Japanese musician Akira


Lin Chi-ling getting married to EXILE’s Akira is still the talk of the town, almost two months after she dropped the surprise announcement that she had tied the knot with Japanese singer Akira from the group EXILE.

This time around, the Taiwanese model’s father, Lin Fan-nan, has joined in the fray as he spoke about his daughter’s nuptials. During an event last Sunday (August 17), he praised his daughter as a beautiful woman with a down-to-earth personality, and declared that she “got stolen by a Japanese man” because Taiwanese men “have no guts” to marry her.

Fan-nan also praised his son-in-law, saying that he is a tall man who “probably has good DNA”, and is humble with a good personality.

Reporters also took the opportunity to ask him if he is eager to become a grandfather soon.

“I don’t know. I always get my information after everyone else!” he chuckled, adding that he is not pressuring his daughter to start a family.

Chi-ling and Akira met while working on the musical Red Cliff -Love-eight years ago and have been friends ever since. They registered their marriage on June 6 after six months of dating.  

Photos: PBE Media

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